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The product images and description have been taken from Google with an intention to increase the awareness about cleantech products and services among the internet users. This is in line with our vision to reduce carbon footprint and move towards a cleaner environment and Net Zero by 2030 (an urgent action as per UNFCCC and our Govt). We do not have any conflict of interest as we are not selling these products or services ourselves. We are just an aggregator of data. If anybody has any problem with the website or its content, please write to our team will revert back to you asap.

Disclaimer for Photos

The product images and descriptions featured on this website have been sourced from the internet with the objective to raise awareness about cleantech products and services among users. It is clarified that our role is that of a data aggregator, and we do not engage in the direct sale of the listed products or services. If any user experiences any issue  or has any concern related to the website or its content, they can reach out to  us at Our team is committed to addressing any inquiries and providing prompt response to such queries  or any feedback.

Our initiative is consistent with our vision to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint and promote a cleaner environment, with a commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2030—by following the recommendations of UNFCCC and our government.